The Power of Collaboration

Collaboration network and consultancy


business mix is a collaboration network and consultancy. We work with both large corporates seeking to innovate and start-up and scale-up companies, helping them to grow operationally.

business mix focuses on a specific area; owning the space between the large corporates and the start-up world allowing us to make it work for both sides.

Why us?

Between us we’ve got decades of experience, we’ve been there and done it all before operationally.

We combine expertise in understanding how innovation works, allowing our associates to help organisations articulate, and understand, their business problems, as well as their longer-term aspirations. We’re able to join this together in a bespoke, tailored, innovation agenda.

Our brand

Our brand is underpinned by our core values, our vision and our strategy. In a nutshell, we’re about practical delivery and making things work as seamlessly and as quickly as we can. This determines what we do now and how we’ll do it in the future, as well as how we want to work. One thing is certain, we’re no wallflower. We’re gutsy, determined and ready to get stuck in whatever challenge comes our way. We are about continuous growth and innovation.

Our values

Working within our value framework is something we hold in high regard; it’s not always easy to do, but we’re certain it’s worth it.

We believe in stripping out the jargon, streamlining the process, retaining focus on the outcomes, forcing innovative thinking and having fun collaborating with the wider ecosystems.

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Who are we?

Collaboration is key to what we do at business mix. We reach our full potential by working with and connecting our partners, Associates, innovation communities and clients.

The Power of Collaboration

“Collaboration is key to what we do at business mix – without working together with each other,
our partners, Associates, the innovation communities and the clients’ we want to serve we can’t succeed”


“I like that business mix comes with a fresh approach. Recognition for the part you play with a customer beyond the hours worked and recognition that a business is about people. In short, there’s respect”
business mix gives me the flexibility to work professionally, part-time, with a wide range of clients, whilst still being part of a great team where I feel valued”
“It’s great to be part of a company that really invites individual ideas and will to try something different. Although I’m on the other side of the world, I really feel part of the business mix family”

“It’s a pretty good mix really”

Disrupt your Normal

“The future belongs to those who believe.”

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