Enable by business-mix

A new style of collaboration.

Welcome to a new and growing service – Enable by business mix. Running a business brings many challenges and responsibilities that can leave owners and founders struggling with the day to-day responsibilities rather than focusing on what matters – customers, profits and growth.
Enable by business mix is a new style of collaboration – our focus is about helping you with the business management of your back-office operation. Using the skills, experience, expertise and network of more than 40 years, this new offering is about making life easier for businesses by taking the stress away.

Services Include


Financial and BusinessTracking
Quarterly Planning and Tracking
Framework for any Required Core HR Processes
QA Frameworks
Engaging and Managing Key Third Party Providers *
Associate and Supplier Contract Support and Management
Client Contract Frameworks and Monitoring
Frameworks and Hands On Support for Proposal Creation and Associated Pricing Models

* Core IT Provision, Data Management/Structure, Web Presence, Legal and Accountancy

A new style of business management.

The business management of the back-office of any business is its engine room and this needs to work smoothly so your business can be a success. It takes time, effort and expertise to make sure everything works like clockwork.

For many small businesses this can be time consuming and having this stress taken away is exactly what Enable by business mix provides.
Thanks to our unique commercial proposition, we’ll only grow if you grow so our pricing structure is linked to your revenue growth and receipt of funds.

We see this is a partnership rather than a service. We’re in this together – we want you to succeed so we can too.

We support the small business market, especially professional services, but we do and are happy to work across a range of sectors.

Interested in being part of the growing Enable by business-mix community?

Then join us by the 30 June to also be part of our exclusive Engine Room Founders Club.

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