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Fast growing companies have their own challenges

Growing a business is difficult and challenging; especially when you’re going from a start-up to a scale-up.

business mix helps companies make that important and difficult transition. A problem that scale-ups have is they get to a certain size where they can no longer act like a start-up.

If you listen to any business that scales quickly, they’ll tell you it puts an awful amount of pressure on them. Scaling safely is one of the biggest operational problems you’ll face. Get it wrong and it can break your business.  business mix can help you safely expand at speed.

Typically, when you reach 30 to 70 people you start to deal with more complex issues such as managing supply chain; redesigning the organisational structure; growing and developing your people, and outgrowing your space, regulatory and governance issues.

Things that work when you’re a small business probably aren’t going to work when you bring more people on board.

We support scaleups with interim resourcing, experienced managers and leaders who have done this before. It can be a short term or long term relationship, on demand or something more. Either way, our approach is all about partnership and collaboration.

Collaboration is absolutely key here to what we do as business mix.

Always here. Helping you to grow.

Safe operational growth will ensure your progression
from start-up to successful scale-up.

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