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Do you thrive on routine, corporate life, job titles and 9-5?

If so, there are lots of consultancies that we’re sure would love to have you on their books.  But business mix is looking for something – or someone – different.

If flexibility, being one of the team, really owning your work, understanding that community (in every sense of the word) makes such a difference and just getting on with it, sound like things you need more of in your life, then get in touch.  We most definitely want you on our team.

Innovation specialists, seasoned Entrepreneurs, operational subject matter experts, people who would simply like to make a difference to the start-up communities are all more than welcome.

We also live our ‘Have Fun’ value statement too; not just at our bi-annual parties and Associate days, but every day.

Don’t believe us?  Just ask the Associates directly!


“I like that business mix comes with a fresh approach. Recognition for the part you play with a customer beyond the hours worked and recognition that a business is about people. In short, there’s respect”
business mix gives me the flexibility to work professionally, part-time, with a wide range of clients, whilst still being part of a great team where I feel valued”
“It’s great to be part of a company that really invites individual ideas and will to try something different. Although I’m on the other side of the world, I really feel part of the business mix family”

“It’s a pretty good mix really”

Always here. Always different

Want to join us and make a difference in the start-up community?

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